Who we are

Our story so far…

  • The UK branch (PAUK) of PartnerAid International (PAI) was formed in 1992
  • PAI’s name changed to PartnerAid in 1998 with a focus on projects in the areas of education, water and health
  • PAUK is now a fund-raising charity focussing on North Africa, Middle East, Central and South Asia

Working with Partner organisations

We have developed partnerships with a small number of organisations which are personally known to us.  We aim to raise donations and grants for our overseas Partner organisations.

Our Partners want to…

  • Go to the people
  • Live among them
  • Love them
  • Learn from them
  • Start from where they are and work with them
  • Build on what they have

When the task is accomplished and the work completed, the local people are able to say:

"We have done it ourselves."

Our priorities are to...

  • Partner for change
  • Help bring about social, economic and spiritual development
  • Help create an environment in which every human being has access to resources that enables them to live without poverty

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