Pakistan is among the most densely populated countries of the world, its people are of various castes, cultures and colours. 


Girl labouring at a brick factory    Feeding the hungry   

New Zoi, PAUK's partner in Pakistan, works with the poorest and most disadvantaged in Pakistan.  It aims to bring relief to bonded and slaves, and "a hope and a future" through education, feeding the hungry, and health assistance.  It now operates in 4 provinces, working among different tribes and people groups.

Injustice and exploitation

The root cause of much exploitation (child labour, sexual violence, human trafficking etc) is poverty, unemployment and lack of education.  Child labour is prohibited by law, but practiced at the will of parents due to poverty to generate extra resources.  Sacrificing their rights and their education, thousands of children are sucked in every year to help pay back money their parents have often borrowed out of desperation.  "I sent my daughter to school for three months, but we need her help to make ends meet", said a father, 32, a labourer at a brick factory.  With the help of his daughter aged 10, and two sons aged 8 and 7, he and his wife make enough bricks to live.  "Any less, and we would starve," the father said.

Paying debts back "brick by brick"

Employers, in this case the brick kiln owners, advance sums of money to the labourers to meet urgent needs.  Because wages paid to labourers are so low the loans cannot be paid back even over many years and workers cannot leave the kiln as they are indebted to the owners.  These Pakistani modern slaves are trapped in a lifetime of hardship.  From buying food to hospital visits, there are many reasons why workers enter into lifelong deals with their employers, their debts increasing rather than going down.

"I borrowed to buy food for my children.  I will never pay it back before I die - my debt will die with me."   [Father-of-two who has spent more than 40 years working in various brick factories]

New Zoi

New Zoi was formed by a local husband and wife team in 2013.  Having gained degrees in the USA and UK, they felt they should return to their homeland to help their community there.  They, together with their wider team, have run several projects and now:

  • 21 sewing schools have been run.
  • 6 adult literacy centres have been run. 
  • 465 poor children are receiving education in 4 different schools.  In addition to Grace Community School they are working in partnership with other schools and supporting those children whose parents cannot afford their expenditures.
  • Including Little Bethel there are 3 safe homes for orphaned, trafficked and abused girls and boys.  47 boys and girls have been rescued.
  • Over 155,000 people have been assisted through various outreach projects.
  • Over 26,900 poor, and over 2,220 widows have been received practical help and care.
  • Countless people have been assisted in food, clean water, temporary shelters during the Covid-19 crisis. 
  • Continue to provide practical aid to those who are affected by local disasters such as the flooding in 2022.
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