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Ghana:  You will be glad to learn that Neesim Schools were able to re-open earlier this year.  The Nutrition Centre had been relatively unaffected.

Pakistan:  Last year was very difficult and New Zoi was able to set up a food parcel distribution project to help those most in need.  Little Bethel has been affected by reduced funding due to Covid.


Burkina Faso:  Terror attacks continue.  Wakkil Alla School will soon be receiving students from the overspill of the state school.  The government will pay their fees which will be a great boost for the school.  A library has now been added to the school, and there is hope to build a Nursery School soon.  However there is a need for a perimeter wall for security.  The Primary School achieved fantastic results at the end of the year!

Chad:  The media project is underway and has had a fantastic first quarter.  A new page is currently being created for this project within the Chad site.

Regarding the SAS well-drilling work (Tawisa 4), drilling in February and March was successful, with good yields.  By end March Vergnet foot pumps had been installed in 2 of the 4 well structures.  This was followed by water committee training, and hygiene training.  Despite the success of these wells, their capacity often isn't enough to meet the need and electric pump systems are being investigated, along with a locally-designed "tubbo" system for those villages close to sufficiently large river beds.

South Sudan:  The farming year ended in March and it has been good; during the year Intec Services provided seed for 1,294 farmers, providing a food source for 7,764 men, women and children.

Frank and Rachel have been in Europe for the birth of their child and all 3 will have returned to South Sudan by August.  Their team members have been holding the fort in their absence, starting the next farming season, and the 2 members from Burundi have been continuing their Arabic studies.


We are most grateful to have received the following funds this year from trusts and other organisations:

£3,000 towards Little Bethel running costs.

We were able to sent a total of £12,500 from three sources for a medical project in Lebanon.  A new page will be set up soon with info on this project.

£5,000 towards Neesim School teacher salaries.

£1,500 towards the farming project, Intec Services, in South Sudan.

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