Partner Aid’s work in Chad targets some of the poorest & most vulnerable communities in the world.  Chad itself is not only one of the least developed countries on earth (ranked 184 out of 186 on the human development index), but also plays host to almost half a million refugees fleeing from the various conflicts that surround Chad, with Boko Haram to the west, Darfur to the east and Central African Republic to the south, all of whom have experienced major humanitarian crises in the past few years. 

Partner Aid’s local partner focuses on the refugee and returnee communities of eastern Chad.  The Darfur War (2003-present) has resulted in widespread displacement and the arrival of over 400,000 refugees in Chad, located in 13 different refugee camps along the Darfur border.  Several of these refugee camps are located near to the town of Hadjer Hadid, which acts as the operational base for the projects.

Many of these refugees have been in Chad for over a decade now.  These refugees cannot return to their homes: their land has been given to others who now live in their villages and farm their land.  But as yet they are not yet able to settle well in Chad: they still live in camps and rely on UN subsidies for their livelihoods.  However, every year the UN is cutting its assistance, and it is now vital that these ‘camps’ are transformed into viable, resilient, peaceful and sustainable communities.  Partner Aid wants to make this a reality.

Project Focus:

Watersanitation and healthcare are three of the greatest needs facing communities in eastern Chad, and it is to these needs that Partner Aid is seeking to respond. Chad suffers from:

1. High infant mortality rate (124 per 1,000 live births);
2. Low life expectancy (51.6/48.6 year female/male);
3. Low rate of participation of girls in the primary schooling system (51.8%);
4. High malnutrition rates (30% of children suffering from chronic malnutrition).

PartnerAid wishes to respond to the critical needs in Dar Masalit and is supporting this water, sanitation and hygiene project. It will be implemented through our local partner in Chad which engages in humanitarian work with refugee communities and is ideally placed to meet this need.

Funding news

We are delighted and very grateful that funding has been received towards the Tawisa WASH project from the Lady Yuen Peng McNiece Charitable Foundation.

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