Project and funding updates

In brief

Burkina Faso:  After the successful completion of a secure perimeter wall around Wakkil School, plans are well underway to provide a Nursery.  The plans include 3 well-equipped classrooms and plenty of outdoor play space and equipment.  This will provide a safe and nurturing environment for 150 young children, both national and refugees, many of whom have traumatised by terrorism.  The children will get a good foundation preparing for primary school, including help with French language skills for those needing it.

Pakistan:  We are delighted that over the last few months long-hoped-for plans to be able to expand Little Bethel have taken place.  Land was purchased and a purpose-built home was constructed, that will enable up to 28 girls to live in safety, in a loving environment without fear and with access to education.  Girls and staff began to move to the new building in February and it is expected that the number of girls at Little Bethel will start to increase over the next few months.

Ghana:  We are delighted to be able to share the news that Neesim School will now, after long discussions, be managed locally.  The Good News Bible Church officially took over the reigns on April 1st 2022, though financial support will still be offered by Project Share for the next 2 years.

ChadTawisa 4 was completed successfully, and in the coming months the team will focus on drilling new wells along with training and follow-up in the villages.  Due to security concerns in the area, data collection will be put on hold for a while. 

South Sudan:  It is hoped that a new employee will be joining the team around April/May, taking on financial responsibilites.  This will greatly assist the team and allow the Meyers to focus on other areas of the project and community work.  The farming season draws to a close now, and the time approaches for new seed distribution for the next farming season; we hope this will be most fruitful, and free of the challenges of pest, disease and flooding.


We are most grateful to have received the following funds recently from trusts and other organisations:

A little over £3,500 from Open Gate Trust, and £5,000 from Noel Buxton Trust, to assist with the Farming Project in South Sudan. 

£5,000 towards the costs of expanding Little Bethel safe/resuce home in Pakistan.

A further £2,500 towards Intec Services Farming Project, in South Sudan, from Bishop Radford Trust.

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